4 Things That Affect Your Auto Insurance Quote

When seeking out your first or a new auto insurance policy, many things will be taken into consideration prior to giving you a quote. Auto insurance is necessary in all 50 states, so you have to have it. In some cases, circumstances beyond your control make it less affordable for you. In other cases, circumstances you can control affect your premium price. Here are four key things the insurance company will look at when determining how much it will charge you for your coverage.

  1. Age

This is a factor you cannot control, so if you are under 25 years old, you’ll just have to hang in there until you reach an age when your rates might be reduced. This other end of the spectrum also affects insurance premiums, however, and in some cases, the older you are the more you will be charged as well. Don’t focus on your age, because there’s nothing you can do about it. Rather, focus on safe driving and other things to bring your rates down as much as possible.

  1. Car

Sure, you want that hot sports cars and you will look really cool driving it, but you’ll also pay a lot more for auto insurance. Fast and dangerous cars are more prone to get into accidents than vehicles that rank highest in the safety testing. Your car will affect your insurance premiums. Whether you own or lease your car will also affect the cost. If you own your car you can carry less coverage than if you lease it. Get an auto insurance quote when you pay off your vehicle to see how you can reduce your rates.

  1. Driving Record

If you have a horrible driving record you will pay more for your car insurance. There’s no way around this because you have proven in the past to be a careless driver. You best bet to reduce your rates is to drive safe and stay out of trouble until the blemishes clear from your driving record. If you have a clean record, plan on paying less premium and stay safe on the road. You will continue to receive rate reductions in some cases if you stay out of driving trouble.

  1. Marital Status

Finally, it might seem old-fashioned but many insurance companies believe that if you’re married and/or have a family you will be a more responsible driver. This isn’t always true, but it can be argued successfully that a person drives safer when he or she has a carful of children. Your marital status will affect your auto insurance quote. If you’re single, you may pay more.


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