CT Gay-Friendly Insurance Agency

Whether it’s for your home, automobile, or business, insurance is a necessity these days for everyone. All states require some type of automobile coverage, and in the case of most mortgages, homeowner’s insurance is a requirement as well before the mortgage company will even talk to you. Finding the right insurance company and carrier can sometimes be a chore, but it shouldn’t have to be. Instead of opting for a large, conglomerate company that isn’t going to tailor a policy to someone’s exact needs, it’s a good idea to look for CT auto insurance right here in CT. Even better, having a gay-friendly insurance agent and company that is familiar with LGBTQ clients ensures an agent that’s always going to be on the client’s side.

Scott Insurance is the go-to company not just for auto insurance, but for home insurance in CT as well. Whether someone is just starting out as a couple and needs renter’s insurance to protect valuables, or a couple is about to close on their first home and needs solid insurance quotes in CT, Scott Insurance is a the best company to meet any needs.

The difference between Scott and larger, corporate companies is that Scott Insurance is locally owned and operated. Anyone who’s ever filed a claim knows it can be a nightmare to call the insurance company, only to be placed on hold for quite some time, only to talk to a stranger. With Scott Insurance, a claim can be filed right in the office, and clients sit down with agents that are actually familiar with their needs and policy.

To learn more about the best gay-friendly insurance agency in CT, or for quotes for auto or home insurance, call Scott Insurance today at (203)375-5847 to speak with a member of their professional staff.

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