Varieties Of Office Entry Mats To Create Safe Environment For Employees And Customers

Doormats are not just for covering the floor. Doormats are indeed kept at the entrance to absorb dirt from shoes, and surrounding and to prevent them from entering any room. Nowadays, it is also considered a part of interior decoration. Even businesses are using it as a mode of advertising their brand and promoting their business.

Commercial mats provide extra benefits to businesses. They help in pleasing employees and customers by providing a clean, safe and hygienic environment. Customized mats also promote brand name and logo to impress clients. These mats can also be printed with motivational messages to boost employees. They can be the best way of directing people to the right places like a reception desk, standing in a queue maintaining distance, etc.

Ultimate Mats provide top-quality mats made from the finest materials. The business was started by father and son in 2005, since then they have delivered a huge number of entry mats, anti-fatigue mats, and custom logo mats to their clients. They are partnered with the best manufacturer and suppliers in the US which ensures a durable and safe product.

The floor mats come in a variety of materials. They also come with various features. This is good because all businesses have different purposes and therefore their requirements formats are also different.

Different Types of Mats for Offices 


Restaurants, deli, grocery stores, takeaways, deliveries, shops are heavy traffic areas where the staff and employees have to stand on their feet for hours. Using anti-fatigue mats for employees, help them work efficiently for hours. It keeps your employees comfortable. The mats ease the stress on the legs and backs of employees who have a standing job, like cashier, waiter, store person, etc.

Water Absorbing

The kitchen in hotels and restaurants, bars, outdoor ramps, refrigerator areas, and frozen food, fresh fruits, and vegetable sections are generally wet. There are chances that employees and customers may slip in rush. You don’t want a customer to sue you for negligence. Wet area floor mats are anti-slip mats that absorb water efficiently keeping the entire area dry and safe.

Entry Mats

The main purpose of entry mats is to absorb all dirt particles before it enters the premises. Therefore, they have to be sturdy, strong, and wear and tear-resistant. Elevators, foyers, and lobbies in the hotels, galleries, and hallways in offices and entrances in hotels and restaurants, grocery stores, and delis should have entry mats with good quality which is strong yet looks elegant.

Drainage Mats

You can also use drainage mats in restaurants, deli, and office cafeterias to avoid any water or food spilling over the floor. There are holes in the mat that hold all small particles and water. After office hours, the mats can be removed and cleaned before placing back. These mats are from vinyl or rubber that is water and dirt-resistant.

Businesses have to consider many things while choosing entrance mats for their offices. It is not only for maintaining hygiene, but mats are the first thing that employees and customers come in contact with. Buy a useful mat that solves your purpose and promotes your brand name as well.

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